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GCH CH Mircoa N Irondale's Desire Walks On "Quest"
GCHB. CH. Irondale's Thunderstruck "Munch" X GCH.CH.Mircoa N Irondale's Sipping on Fire "Desire"

Fully health tested

WB Kennel Club of Beverly Hills

WB Kern County Kennel Club

BOS Major New Champion San Fernando Valley Boxer Club

WB Angeles Canyon Dog Club

WB Conejo Kennel Club

BOW Major Apple Valley Kennel Club

Pest Puppy and reserve to a Major Boxer club of San Diego

Best Puppy in Sweeps Boxer Club of San Diego County

sacked out on the cool floor

Quest (on left) swimming with her friend Rielly

Quest (on left) with her friend Rielly

Quest meeting 2 toller puppies

Quest at obed class

Quest's sisters Desi, Jenna, Trixie ABC Nationals

Quest at Home Depot at Halloween

Quest pregnancy photo shoot 2021

Quest on a stump at the park

Quest and her step brother Riely at lunch

Quest and Riely in a gazebo

Quest and riely in a jeep at El Dorado park

Quest and Riely at Huntington Beach park

Quest and Riely in PJ's

Quest and Riely on sofa at home

Quest and Riely at Silky Sullivan's

All d re used up for ST. Patrick's Day

Quest with Desire's puppy Ramsey