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My Story

My name is Diana Greenhow and I have owned the wonderful breed of dog "THE BOXER" for just a short time. I was hooked after doing a great deal of research and purchasing my first boxer in 1994. Before that I owned many dogs of different breeds and horses. I have owned, trained and shown halter, western pleasure, trail, jumpers and dressage horses. After a severe jumping accident that almost cost me my life I have given up showing horses. Boxers are my full time pleasure now. I live in Fountain Valley California with my four boxers and a cat. Animals are in my blood and I have always been surrounded by animals since I was a young child. I am one of the fortunate people in that I get to do what I truly love to do as work, I train dogs for a living. Also throughout the years I have done rescue work for different organizations. I am a member in good standing with the Orange Coast Boxer Club, Southern Cal Boxer club and Boxer Club of San Fernando Valley.

  I train all of my own dogs in obedience and agility.  My dogs attend training classes on a weekly basis to further their education. At the present time I have four house (couch) boxers. I like to refer to them as my fur kids. We also have a cat.

 I am a small breeder only having eight litters in the last twenty-two years. My goal is not to make a profit from breeding but, to make an effort to better the breed, even if only in a small way.Boxers are wonderful pets, regal show dogs, graceful athletes and our devoted loyal friends.