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The following photos of the Mircoa gang are here for your enjoyment
Feal free to look around

RJ (son)/Mariah (mother)/Image (daughter)

IN'T CH U-Turn's Rock N' Roll Replay,CGC & IN'T CH U-Turn's Mystic Image,CGC

Dream Walking Mariah, TDI, CGC




CH. Mircoa's Summer Sensation & CH. Mircoa's Sheza Summer Breeze CGC



It's mine all mine

My favorite position

I'm an Agility dog
Watch my fly

I'm king of the jungle

Guess who?
NO it's not the cat
guess again

I can do this

Mariah's litter 1998
CH. U-Turn's Time To Rock N' Roll X
Dream Walking Mariah TDI, CGC
pups are Image,Savanna,RJ,Keena

Image's litter 2002
CH. Bix-L's Ricochet To Grayhawk SOM X
U-Turn's Mystic Image,CGC

Grandma Mariah/Sadie/Breeze

Just the three of us

Queen Mariah on her Throne

I have a real live Boston squeak toy (mouse)

All washed & ready to go to the show

oops she caught me!!

sleeping w/ my sis & friend

team work
got mom

RJ & Naya sharing water
running loose on Ventura Beach

nap time 16 wks old

Halloween 2002

Sadie as a lion

Breeze as a witch